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Something as simple as listening to music

I notice when I am off medication I tend to listen to the same few songs over and over and over again. If I am playing in a social setting etc. I tend to play the same 10 songs or playlist over and over, which leads to people getting annoyed with me.

But when I am on medication, I tend to branch out more and I enjoy it. I can actually listen to music that I am not familiar with and develop a liking for new songs. Likewise, when playing music for friends I tend to incorporate more songs that I know other people like and as a result they are happier. Or I am just able to think more clearly and come up with songs that more people will enjoy.

But when I am off medication it is like I am reluctant to find new music to listen to, even though I am bored of constantly listening to the same songs. It has always been this way.

It is like I am so accustomed to a routine off meds and hate changing anything. But on meds I am much more willing to branch out, which actually makes me happier!

Why is this? Is there something I'm missing?
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