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Re: What techniques do you use to read more effectively?

Originally Posted by PoppnNSailinMan View Post
I'm a really slow reader, too. I'm reading a book now that I started over a year ago...well, several books, because whenever I hit a boring section of a book or hear about another interesting book, I often start a new one so that I'm usually reading four or five books at the same time and go back and forth between them. And when I return to a book after reading another one for a while, I've usually forgotten quite a bit of what I had read before.

But being on medication for my ADHD has made a big difference. In the past, I would often start books and never finish them because I lost interest in them, became more interested in another book, or even completely forgot about them. I also would often start to get a little drowsy when I would sit down to read, especially if it was a difficult or complicated text.

Lately, however, I seem to be persevering with the same few books instead of starting new ones all the time without finishing the old ones. I also find that I can read more challenging books for longer periods of time and don't get drowsy when I'm reading some books like I used to. I don't think that I'm reading any faster, though.
I also tend to start multiple books before I finish one.The result is usually getting halfway through (if that) and never finishing any of them. Or having to reread because it has been so long.

Medication definitely helps tremendously. Also what is it with the drowsiness thing?!?! I experience this all the time too. Even with something as simple as someone is talking to me for too long.. I will start yawning in their face like it actually fatigues me to just listen to them. But I'm not actually tired because the second I lay in my bed the circus is back on in my brain.

I guess I can give up on trying to read faster, but I am content with reading a little more if the meds will have it.
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