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Re: Executive function

Originally Posted by Funky8 View Post
I also know this problem, but I kind of "fix" it with very strict routines.
My routines get more and more and I get very inflexible.
But without them I couldn`t begin or stop doing things. Or I wouldn`t bring anything to an end.

Is there anyone else here who follows strict routines?
I think this would greatly benefit me but it is just so difficult to stick with it. Beside a mandatory routine like going to work or going to classes, I always sputter out with my routines. I have been trying to take baby steps though like leaving my phone across the room and not by my bed side, so that I will get right up in the morning and not waste an hour on the phone.

I will try to seriously map out more of a daily routine.. the older I get the less time I can afford to waste so I really need to get in a routine now more than ever I feel.
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