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Re: Teen Girl ADHD questions and med questions

Originally Posted by Vandeluca View Post
Thank you for the responses.
To clarify the about social: Probably like a lot of teen girls with ADHD, I do't have one that is fidgety every second and bounding off the walls. Instead she is probably one of those 'classic' at times distracted, missed some conversation. Instead and perhaps due to missing some conversations, there can be a bit of immaturity, social awkwardness, type of kid..Therefore mostly appearing as a social sign. If that makes sense.

Regarding the mes..Addicting probably was not the best word to use. With the seizure meds, they are very time regulated. You don't want to miss one and should be taken at the same time daily. It takes time to titrate or wean them. Can take lots of time. I was wondering if ADHD meds are the same.

Thanks and hope this clarifies what I was trying to state.
What kind of seizure med is she taking? sodium valproate and oxcarbacepine make me groggy and distracted. It may be a bit of a stupid thing what I say, but you would have to value that too.
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