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Re: Need help figuring it out.

Originally Posted by Clstlg View Post
"3. I am dyslexic. the only thing that worked for me was the night before the test I tried spelling the words. Anything I got wrong I had to write 10 times. I took the test again with my mom. Again, anything I got wrong I had to write 20 times. This is ONLY good the night before. By the next week they were gone!"

This is usually how it worked, which is why I was so excited that she did so well with just one run through. Her dyslexia is mild and is in the form of her not being able to get the words from her head to the page. She knows she is spelling them wrong, but she doesn't know how to fix it. Cue anxiety, which makes it worse.

Thank you for the suggestions for sleep help...I will check those out.
In my opinion, you haven't seen all that her dyslexia can mess her up on. I didn't find out until my second year in college that I was dyslexic. I compensated until I just started failing everything. left/right, counterclockwise/clockwise, directionally challenged, mis reading the went way beyond the spelling issues. I supposedly spell at grade level 3.9, very sad, but my teachers had to give me a word bank. 300 words in alphabetical order on the paper and I had to pick the one that I wanted to was a life saver! I also took my tests in separate rooms so I could read out loud, because out loud I heard it correctly, on paper and in my head, I could miss the meaning of the question.

Dyslexia should have MANY variations that are well known, but instead it's just called a reading disorder. Guess what, i can read out loud as fast as I problems. I can do math in my head. I guess you could call mine mild too but it sure did cause major problems for me in school. If you haven't read the book the Dyslexic Advantage you should give it a whirl. Are there MAJOR downfalls to being dyslexic, oh very much so, but I and many others have used my dyslexia to help me in my career. Yes, my kids laugh at me that I get lost 2 blocks from my house and can't tell time on a clock with no numbers, but they really enjoy the 4 bedroom house with a pool we have. My dyslexia makes me invaluable to my boss. When you don't think like other people you are an asset.
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