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Re: Teen Girl ADHD questions and med questions

Originally Posted by Vandeluca View Post
I have got question about medication for ADHD/general questions. We have made it to age 14 without meds. Not that this is a medal, but the reason I had not was because I was really trying without moreso, because she has another condition that really needed figuring out/lots of attention and I never wanted to add 'one more variable' in when trying to figure out those meds. That is ok, so I'm considering so I have some questions

1. In general do these meds help kids to improve executive functioning/planning or is it just for focus?

2. We have another condition here that runs hand in hand with ADHD (epilepsy) which is very controlled, but still we are on meds. I was wondering, in teen girls, when the period/puberty arrives, do ADHD girls ever become less focused? (in general). I swear that mine has become a bit less focused since that time. It is not Bart Simpson runing around or anything, just 'unfocused' more than normal to me.

3. I find I have Negative Nellie/Looking at the glass empty/Ms Complainer-can meds help shift this?

4. Over the years, the girls adhd/social component was my biggest concert. Though it's a lot better...I feel like I am always coaching/giving 'scenarios' that my daughter swears never happens in any other household except ours. I was wondering...Do the meds help this social piece. Have any of you just been so happy that you did it?

5. Lastly--are adhd meds the kind of thing that are 'structured' when they get it? For example, if she miss a seizure meds, she may get one. It is almost like they are addictive for lack of better word. What about the adhd meds. I feel like I hear people give them or not always, or not on weekends or summer, etc.

Thanks in advance..I don't even know what med to start with -as I plan to talk to the doctor. The med merry go round was stressful with the other condition. I wonder if I have what it takes this time around
I have a 16 year old boy and a 9 year old girl, both ADHD.
1. My son has brain fog. It's like being drunk, he looses the conversation, looses the focus, and can't plan anything. The meds help with this.

2. Age 11 is when I started calling my son a space cadet. That is when puberty kicked in for him and his unknown ADHD seriously kicked up a notch.

3. All teenagers are negative...that's just part of being a teen.

4. The meds keep my son from impulsive saying stupid things. He still says them, but he has adapted by finding younger friends and or ADHD friends. hes still going to sometimes say silly things, that's just growing up. I am 100000% grateful for the meds. He's a more complete person on them than off of them and in a daze.

5. My kids don't take the meds on days they don't have school unless they ask for them. My son had an important baseball game and he wanted to be as present as possible so he asked for them last Saturday.

Any trouble falling asleep? My kids both take Clonidine which is an Rx, and melatonin. It manages to shut their brains off long enough for sleep.
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