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Has anyone combined adderall and strattera?

So, adderall worked great for my concentration, but side effects of anxiety and depression with the comedown were terrible.

Now, I am prescribed strattera, which really doesn't seem to be helping with my focus at all. I know it takes 6-8 weeks to start working, but I've been on 25mg and upped to 40mg strattera for a few months now.

I'm curious.. is it possible to combine strattera and adderall, since strattera I've heard is considered by some to be an anti-depressant. Would combining the 2 enable me to get the good effects of concentration from adderall, minus the bad side effects like anxiety and depression/help with the comedown?

I'm also prescribed 50mg zoloft which I take daily at night, but I really can't tell if it does anything.
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