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Re: The what's bothering you RIGHT NOW thread Part V

Originally Posted by psychopathetic View Post

Sounds frustrating . Relationships can be so complex and emotional...and it doesn't help that she doesn't seem like she's being as open and clear as you'd like for her to be.
It is okay psycho, it has been just few days
Her daughter’s father left her and child
I cant know how she thinks

But actually you are right about complexity of relationships
Thats why i prefer honesty, being very open

But it is two sided thing , i like her so probably she has her own reasons for going really really slowly
I m trying to guess reasons

Actually i m used to it lol

One of my ex was very friendly until we both decided to be in a relationship, then pretty girl became coldest person to me, asked many times whats going on
She told me she was in very heavy depression,asked story , she didnt tell
Told her about my mental health story , she said not same
We ended up lol (i decided to leave her)

I have similiar story with another ex

After this experiences , i started reading about how women think lol

I think , trust , facing with fears, being clear
These things are needed but it happens in time
And i m not patient person lol i m ADHD
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