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Re: What has been your experience with strattera?

Originally Posted by namazu View Post
For me, I didn't see benefits until I was at a higher dose.

It seemed to help more with initiation of tasks (especially household and self-care stuff) than with focus, per se.

Combined with a stimulant (Concerta), I found it quite helpful for some time.

Unfortuntaely, it raised my blood pressure (even by itself) more than stimulants ever did, and it made a tic-like/compulsive behavior problem worse. Because of that and some other unrelated (non-medical) reasons, I ended up discontinuing it.
I also have a tic-like/compulsive behavior problem that I think is due in part at least to anxiety/stress, which I feel like the strattera could possibly be affecting and making nervousness etc. worse. I've never taken concerta.
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