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I survived university, here to help.. ask me!

Hey all,
having FINALLY made it through university and graduating this past may (hooray! hooray!), I would love to be able to encourage and support anyone who has questions or needs some advice.

not saying that I'll have the answers, but I'll try my best.
I was actually diagnosed in university.. .third year. I ended up taking two extra years to finish my BA (psychology and minor geography), worked part time as a lifeguard and swimming instructor on campus, was on residence councils (president of residence association, as well as practically every other position at one time or another except for treasurer b/c I hate numbers); was a first year orientation leader and planning committee person for 3 years, was part of the cycling club and triathlon club, went out to night clubs, made friends, loved it!!

So I was involved. What do I walk away with?
A swank diploma in the swankiest frame they had.
A resume that is awesome!
I'm applying for jobs and they don't ask for university transcripts. All that matters is that you got the BA.
The other stuff I did speaks more it seems...
I have leadership and event planning experiece
I can hold down a job
I have first aid training
I've been on planning committees
I was able to complete a university degree - which apparently is impressive in itself whether the degree pertains to the actual position or not.

I struggled through university, the lecture format is NOT suited for ADHDers. I had to really work to make it work - with the support of the disabiity resource centre, mad accommodations and extensions and medical notes from the student health director who was acting as my GP...

I ended up with an anxiety disorder and am on meds for it, but i"ve always had a mood disorder lurking around my brain.

I've had to advocate and e-mail profs directly to explain why I wasn't able to complete whatever assignment

the most I've ever owed the library is $ 876 or something like that. I argued it down to $30. medical notes will take you far.

you can appleal ANYTHING. remember that.
keep the profs informed, prove that you're getting the support to get through it and that you're taking responsibility to take care of yourself.

My supports:
arts academic advisor
geography department advisor
psychology dpt advisor (once to check my degree fulfilment)
disabilty resource centre advisor
strategic learning content tutor
boyfriend to listen to me ***** and whine
friends at work to goof off with
the little kids I taught to help me feel good about myself
student health director as my GP (not just as drop in)

so I had LOTS of supports. no shame in it.

let me know if you need advice!
I'm now in college taking a career program to become a special education teacher assistant, and all I can say is: college is kick ***... 25 students MAX per each class!! and it's waaaaay more interactive and the teachers make efforts to make it easier. NO TESTS OR EXAMS. NO BIG LONG ESSAYS. group presentations, group work, short oral presentation, project work that is EASY. short homework questions.

I wish university was like college, but then it would be too much work for the profs to prepare.

am I bitter?
I would be lying if I said no.
"ADD?...yeah well, at least I'll never be accused of being BORING!!"
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