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I'm on 54mg. I worked my way up to that. Took 18mg, 27mg, and 36mg before settling into 54mg. This was only over a month long period though, under a doctors guidance of course.

On 18mg I knew I needed more because it only lasted for 4 hrs. On 27 it lasted 6 hrs, and focus was better, but I still didn't feel like I was functioning as well as I would have liked to. On 36mg when I first tried it I was hyper-focused, so I was not going to continue assuming the dose was to high for me. My doctor suggested to wait a week, since I wasn't miserable, and was seeing other positive effects. At the end of the week the hyper-focus was gone. I got about 7 hrs out of the 36mg.
I still was not where I wanted to be though and was having some rebound issues. My doctor suggested 54mg to see if it helped. It did. I'm functioning as I would like to now. I get about 8-9 hrs out of a dose, and the rebound issues are gone. I know I don't need more because I'm getting all the benefits that I initially wanted, plus no side effects. I know I don't need less, because I've had less, and wasn't happy with my functioning level.
Good luck!
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