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Re: Came home and just cried tonight

Originally Posted by 2emom View Post
First of all -- hugs! I hope it does make you feel better your child isn't the only one that did / does things like this.

But I'm just curious, why are you trying to avoid services if they can help? Medication alone probably won't do it, from studies it is clear that the most effective thing is medication AND therapy / services. The preschool could teach him some self-control and work on his behavioral issues.

On another note, though -- what you described sounds like sensory overload. We've learned pretty fast that our son has to be closely watched in any place that's noisy and with lots of things going on, because he would invariably get wild, and once that happens trying to reason just plain doesn't work and we'd have to leave. That's just the way he is and we have to work around it, because we can't change it.
I have a masters degree in special ed. I have taught special ed for 7 years. I see it from the other side of the fence. As a special ed teacher, i would get soooooo frustrated when I knew a child was smart enough and could keep up, get thrown into resource classes or self contained classes. Once the school gets that special ed label, it just seems that many times, not always, they are enouraged to keep up. They might promote the children, but the resource classes are way below what their grade level is. Sorry, it is what I see everyday.

My little boy is smart. He knows his letters and sounds they make at 3. He knows his numbers up to 20 and can add and subtract using manipulatives. His biggest problem with school is going to be that he thinks it is boring.

I feel that, if I can, I would rather go without some luxuries and fork out the money for what ever therapies he needs and keep the school out of it. If that means private school and private therapy, well, then so be it. Just a personal opinion and no way saying it is the right one, but it is mine. This is not my first rodeo.

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