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Re: What is the Average Dose of Concerta?

I'm on 36mg of Concerta. Worked OK for about 2 weeks, now I'm back to being very ADD. Can't concertrate at all. I see the doc on Monday for an increase because I didn't want to double up on 36...seems like a big jump

Anyhow, I found this:

You know how I knew my dose was low enough? Because when meds work, at night I am brain dead and able to sleep...when they don't work I get awful bouts of insomnia!! Last night I had <4 hours sleep...same with the night before....makes my ADD even worse!!! That's because I feel the need for coffee in the afternoon because I am so out of it...

Go ADDer must take stimulants to sleep well at counter intuitive!

Anyow, that link above says the mean dose for hte study inthe end was 67mg
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