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Re: Problems with onions???

Originally Posted by dyingInside View Post
Theta are you a biochemist?

Originally Posted by dyingInside View Post
I was hoping to hear from anyone experiencing the same problem, but no luck yet. Obviously it's not something that ADDers commonly deal with. I don't have any allergic reaction, just extreme fatigue.
Looking at not science based sources:

actually its a any meal has more onion get you fell sleepy!!!!

The Onion Cure

Cut up and onion and put it in a jar. As you go to bed, open the jar, sniff the onion and then close it and place it on your bedstand. Within 15 minutes you'll be asleep.

Source: Corvallis Gazette Times quoting Joan Wilen, 6/18/97
The normal amount of time it takes to fall asleep (sleep latency) is 10 to 20 minutes.
The onion cure is a savior. IT has worked many times fir me. It only took me about eight minutes to fall sound asleep. The best part was that I stayed asleep all night. That is very hard to do when you have a very serious case of insomnia such as I do.
Some people think the opposite.

Fill a jar with onion slices and put the lid on in.
Each time you get sleepy while reading, shake the jar real hard and then take a solid wiff. You will burst into tears and it will suck. Then, go right back to reading.

After taking your last meal of the day, take a half medium onion and chop it into small pieces, cut out a half medium tomato into small cubes spread a spoon of virgin olive oil and sprinkle just a bit of salt so that you can stand the taste and eat it immediately. No matter how hot you may find the onion, do not steam it. Let me know how you do tonight. God bless you.

Onions do induce sleep. Onions are excellent for insomnia. It causes a lot of people to feel sleepy in about 10-20 minutes afater ingesting a reasonable raw protion of it. It is probably due to its high content of glutamic acid which is converted in the brain into glutamine--an aminoacid--which binds with vit. B6 to induce that sleepy state through the formation of a couple of brain hormones.

Look in the internet for Onion Cure for insomnia, and you will find many inputs regarding it

Glutamic acid can not pass the blood-brain-barrier last I heard so I doubt that

Some mention cooked onions have same effect.

Relieve insomnia by eating a boiled onion at bedtime.

A strange but effective treatment is eating onions during bedtime. This is known to induce sleep. Using either stewed Spanish onions or the garden variety of onions will do. Two or three of them are taken. If you cannot stomach this, turning them into onion soup or onion jelly is a recommended alternative. Onion soup is simple. Onion jelly on the other hand is made by shredding onions and simmering them in a little stock until tender. And then the onions are added into a pot of boiling water with a squeeze of lemon. These are all cooked together.

Since many people say merely whiffing raw onion does it and others say eating onions even cooked does it, I assume there is a compound in onions that can make some people sleepy. Pehaps cooking lowers that compound and one would have to eat more cooked onion for the same effect.
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