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Re: What is the Average Dose of Concerta?

Originally Posted by Buddha View Post
1.) What is the average dose of Conerta that is usually taken by kids/adults
2.) How do you know when your meds are too high
3.) How do you know if they are too low
1. My daughter(soon to be 7)was started on 18 mg last September. She is starting a thirty day trial on the 27 mg tomorrow.

2. We have not experienced this problem yet.

3. Since I can only speak as to the behaviours I saw, I can tell you that in her case the dose was not working as effectively or for as long as it had been previously and her focus was back to where it was before she was on medication. She was back to the nonstop talking and nonstop movement as well.
The reason for the changes according to what I have been told wasn't tolerance related. For her she went through a big growth spurt where she put on a inch of height and went from 37.5 to 41 pounds in a matter of 6 weeks time. The specialist she sees would not put her on anything higher than the 18's due to her weight he had concerns that anything higher would be too much for her body to handle. Up until recently the 18's were working great for her so there was never any need to increase the dosage so I wasn't worried about it.
I called for an earlier appointment and found out the doctor is on a sabbatical until early September but was able to talk with his nurse. She felt the weight gain was the reason and advised me to take her to our regular doctor for now and have him do a trial on the 27's and then the usual if it works have him give you enough until your next appt and make sure his office lets them know if she stays on that dose so he is aware of it when he sees her in the fall for her next med check.
Tracy age:35
Me: AD/HD-combined Trialing Ritalin SR 20mg once daily.
Daughter: AD/HD-combined,ODD; Concerta 27mg once daily.
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