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I don't know why, but it's been a long time since I put music for me. My daughters sleep with the music of a CD called "Smart Symphonies", from the Grammy Foundation, that the hospital gave us when my second daughter was born. It has music from Bach, Mozart, and others. As you say, they are repetitive and calming but some of them are very uplifting at the same time. I would like to buy something more suitable to sleep because of that.

I don't know why I neglect myself something that is one of the things that I most enjoy. I have few CD's (about four) while my husband, and I know other people too, have dozens. The other day I was thinking on that. And how happy I feel when I sing, also. (Not only I sing when I'm in a good mood, but singing itself puts me in a good mood.) Somehow I punish myself by depriving me from that. I will start to change that now that I am aware. Thanks for your post!
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