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Originally Posted by Mariela
Maybe I don't listen to music to keep my emotions even. (I'm bipolar also.) For example, if I get happy, then I get too happy, then I get too excited and a manic episode starts. Also, I don't think music helps me concentrate more, at least while listening to it. Maybe in a longterm way.

Anyway, I don't know anything on this subject (how music affects the brain). Well, I have a new subject to look for in the internet.
Mariela, with my PTSD, I can get deeply depressed at times, and then I lighten up my musical tastes, but if I am feeling a little anxious over every day life, then I use a more soothing approach. When concentrating, I don't actually "listen" to the music after some fades away, but leaves me with a very calm feeling, and Andrei says almost the same.

I think it does take time to get to this, especially if you have deprived yourself. Google'll probably get some interesting hits.

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