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the book was written so that the guy could give his partner the best gift of all - his attention and understanding, and here's the big a way that she could feel it.

the women isn't looking for you to do something for her, she's hoping you can listen to her and validate her feelings.

most guys (and I was one of them) don't have a clue how to do this, especially with ADD/ADHD. well, the book shows you how in several, short easy "moments".

the women that read the book like Moment #4 the best, "shut up and let her talk". it explains how to listen to her, show care and understanding and not interrupt her --- all while not having to give up your manhood. wow!!

and the best part of it is --- it worked for me and the women who read the book wanted copies to give to their husbands and partners. kinda says something right there...
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