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im depending on the appointment as my life is completely on hold... idling as some would say....

im a young adult that has below average of life experience at my age as i feel. i will most defiantly not leave anything out for them to try understand my perspective.

i was on and off weed due to social but mainly seeking happyness due to my current state (learning/understanding difficulties). ive gone cold turkey for about a month now. prior i was smoking for 2 months and prior to that i was drug free approx 2 years. i think that because nothing changes after using weed it hasnt done any futher harm that i have noticed. i have taken note that i could be very wrong about my after effects experience but im going on what im aware of.

i understand that ADHD is very complex, but with that being a major topic i will discuss, im thinking i might have autism or aspergers i dont know. thats how much of a hard time im dealing with, trying to explain the problems when its difficult for me understanding myself. saying that also reminds me that how unsatisfied i generally feel when people give me advice because most people dont have hardcore patience for me to actually understand which is a bummer in socialising too. learning and understanding such as an average conversation can become difficult just like our convo. aswell as verbally. i do very much appreciate the effort and kindly thank you.
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