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Post Adderall and bentonite clay solution

Has anyone taken bentonite clay solution while on adderall (specifically Sonne no. 7)?

This solution is from volcanic ash and is a general detoxificant but from my research it has ph level of 9.1 which makes it one of the highest consumable alkalines.

Aside from having a high ph it also removes toxins and heavy metals from your system.

I'm finding this solution to be an effective weekend cleanse when I drop my dose on the weekends. It has dramatically improved my medications effectiveness at a time where it stopped working.

Aside from that it is said to eliminate adverse side effects of medications. I could not find any research of it in conjunction with adderall but it could hold true the same way.

Have any of you had expierence with this? If not I just wanted people to be aware. Baking soda has 9.0 ph but it taste like garbage to me and cant be good for the stomach long term. I've personally found it good to raise my ph from time to time seeing as I will still eat low ph foods if I so crave them.
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