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Executive function

I've been listening to Dr. Russell Barkley talk about ADHD and have found it very interesting. Basically, he says there is a misconception that the primary symptom of ADHD has to do with attention/focus. This is how I've tended to think about it, but he says that while attention/focus is a symptom, it is not the primary problem. The primary issue has to do with the executive function of the brain. While often times we know what has to be done, we cannot prioritize doing what is important.

I found this to be very accurate of myself. Every day there are so many things I would love to do, but I end up wasting so much time instead. I may not even necessarily be doing things I enjoy or that make me happy, they are just things to do INSTEAD of what I actually need to get done. I struggle to prioritize what is most important and instead procrastinate, instead of just sitting down and getting it done.
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