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Re: Executive function

Originally Posted by PoppnNSailinMan View Post
I know what things I should be doing and have an idea of which things are more important than others. But I just have a very difficult time sticking to any sort of schedule and still get sucked into doing things that are often not important but which I usually find more stimulating or interesting.

One of the biggest problems for me is that I have very little sense of the passage of time, especially during so-called "hyperfocus" (or "perseveration" as Barkley likes to call it). Almost every day, I will do something like check the news or go to an online forum with the intention of just spending 15 minutes and the next thing I know, three or four hours have passed. I usually can't figure out how that much time could have passed.

Sometimes, I've just closed my eyes while lying in bed and let my mind wander and it will seem to me like it's only been 20 minutes or half an hour when it's actually been two hours.

And, of course, I usually overestimate how long it will take to do tasks I don't like doing. I might think about washing the dishes and will tell myself that it will take "too long" when I could probably have done them in 20 minutes.

This lack of much sense of the passage of time and how long it takes to do things makes it difficult to manage my time and stick to any schedules I set for myself. And my ADHD medication doesn't seem to be helping in this particular area.
Yes!! I can definitely relate to the "more stimulating". For example, yesterday I was supposed to wake up and study for an exam first thing and just get the studying over with... Instead I decided to play video games for an hour.. then 2 hours.. then a few hours... I did not end up studying until the night time. Procrastinated the day away again.

I find when on meds I am more rational, and can find the important things more stimulating, or at least realize their importance act on them. Or I am not as intrigued by the time wasters like video games. But I have a bad habit of even procrastinating taking the medication.
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