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Re: Executive function

I know Barkley has lead the charge on a lot of important ADHD research, but there is a lot of research besides Barkley. I know scientific research sort of culminates, and I think we can get the wrong idea by only taking the word of one person. information builds on information. there are a lot of other theories, and their is of coarse dabrowski positive disintegration.

the assertions, from what I understand, is that we can't learn these things. that at no time can we conceptualize. I might have a different judgment call on this, but the only thing I can really get behind (and this just might be me talking now after a lot of incorporation) is the concept of time, and that isn't even that we can't plan long term or even predict long term events(I know for a fact I can based on prior knowledge) and ya, I think that if I can other's can to. it's more of, we don't feel the same sense of anxiety other's feel on the passage of time. the contingency there, alarms (good thing we have iphones). I guess I have trained myself to monitor my words when the time for something is coming up (cause I do have an internal clock, I can say what time it is when I've only looked at the time once or twice in a day).

I think on my personal track, a giant milestone was learning what taking the horse by the rains actually means, the super ego for instance. getting out of control matrix's (as in I'm not an IT and what the word IT even refers to), regularizing the hybrid side if myself (what in turn the words hyperfocus even means). knowing my personality, developing parts of my personality, giving life my life a meaning (the existential stuff SUCKS), understanding all the extension of self stuff (which I had to really understand to get out of control matrix's).

I had to understand how to separate myself from others, what that means on the side of empathy, understand my own intelligence and what that means to me, understand literal and metaphorical meaning(like, I think that's something we all understand to some degree, but really piecing together what that means in terms of my own intelligence), why we squelch ourselfs and what that does to our behavior, cognatively, emotionally and behaviorally. understand EQ, affective language to the tune of how that effects our own behavior, self talk.

the things that matter to me, things that aren't important to me. were I am talented, where I am not, what I can get better at, what I need to put down (this might be just me cause of multipotentialism and how that was getting in the way of the road of my life), addictions and causes.

understanding wounds and how to heal them, understanding egalitarianism and why we can get stuck on a war path sometimes. understanding my best and worst sides, understanding the shadow and incorporation(the carl jung stuff). understanding modular and evolutionary intelligence, Multiple Int theory, gifted stuff.

how we pick up behaviors from people and being ok with self and trusting the self, how self sabotage happens and why, understanding stigma and alienation, understanding motivation, intra and extra-personal relationships. understanding that what we see in ourselfs we in turn help elevate other people in that same way (understanding charisma, the thing something can't know about themselves, other's have to tell you).

temperament, character, 1st nature 2nd nature. atunment/adapting to with nature. knowing the difference between having pride and being completely vulnerable. understanding with detail the way the lenses we see the world actually works, pancake sorting(seriously that is a thing, look up bill gates and pancake sorting). understanding the interconnection of everything(I think that is a gifted thing).

difference between our own worldview and the world at large. how I specifically think (that was difficult because I like to learn from sources, but I am a source), that there is only so far logic can take us (even the scientific method hedges on the concept that logic is fallible and iterates, such that nothing is 100% true, or else, we would still be in caves). I think, ehh, that's a big point in this discussion.

hitting enlightenment, spirituality, incorporation of symbols. understanding hunter/gatherer society and how to apply energy from one place to another, be it relationship or just how we relate to our work from other things (like addiction, self sabotage etc...). understanding motivation, that relationships are they key to living.

the realization that more I did something the better I would do at that something, that doesn't seem like a shocker, but with stuff outside of academics and what we typically realize. the more I would make my own personal plans everyday to get things done, the better my reach in making plans in the future. that applies to everything (and what that particular 4 word phrase actually means).

going out and doing stuff we naturally get better at navigating the world, the more we incorporate via conscious affective language into our life(move the energy from one thing, driving a car, to driving us through the day for instance). understanding all the minute details of executive transactions, using visualization to enhance a memory that really displays who we are, a certain emotion in a certain time, knowing what being fully present means (and having that moment that really encapsulates what that it feels to be fully alive).

then, what executive action means, using mental gymnastics of pretty much everything I posted. on the morbid end, we can think of executions of a person (see that in our visualization), then, we can transfer that energy into what we do best... hit stuff in video games. then we can transfer that same energy into our aim (present and future) and what we are doing (say, task list), then shoot for it. attack the day, attack the task list and execute the list items. applying the same knowledge from the "making plans helps make plans in the future" into "the more I execute and attack the day, the better able I will become in the future"
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