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There's an important chapter in the NA big book entitled " More Will Be Revealed."

It deals with medication issues for addicts. Personally, I believe NA understands addicts better than AA, even tho it's the same 12 Steps.

What that chapter says in effect is that if an addict has a legitimate medical condition that is being treated by an informed physician, then taking that medication is okay.

If the addict is concerned about abusing the meds then some safeguards could be put in place if needed.That would be who controlled the meds (spouse, family, etc., or locking them up).

The other thing that the chapter goes into is taking the lowest dose possible to adequately treat the condition.

In the case of ADHD, the meds may need to be increased over time. This is where my doing a written 10th Step (daily inventory) really helps me. I journal about my day and recovery and I try to be totally honest about my feelings.

I share concerns with my wife and my sponsor on a regular basis as well.

I wish you luck in Recovery and in treating your ADHD. I hope that whatever med you take works for you and that you can still keep your Recovery balanced on a "one day at a time" basis.
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