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In my experience methylphenidate is more relaxing and allows me to sleep a night. As a matter of fact, I recently began taking small dosages AT BEDTIME. Remember everyone is different though.

A cheap way to help you sleep is OTC melatonin, 1-3 mg 30-60 mins before bed. Some people take one at sun down and another one before bed. More is not necessarily more effective.

Another cheap and possibly more effective way is plain OTC Benadryl (or store brand generic capsules) 25-50 mg 30-60 minutes before bed. Beware that 10% of people (ADHD?) get hyper (paradoxical effect) on it. So, the first try should be only 25 mg.

I have taken 50 mg Benadryl and 2mg melatonin together before bed. If this is your first time, do either, but not both. The higher the dosage, the more drowsy you might feel the next day. Melatonin does not do that to me, but Benadryl does, and the feeling can last up to to days. Beware that if you are taking benzos or alcohol, the effect of Benadryl will be augmented, so you might only want to take 25 mg.

Read all directionss and, if in doubt, ask the pharmacist or your doc.

Happy dreams.

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