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Intelligent? Just interested in odd things. Looked for my beliefs in things I could test.

Besides, in this society my kind of intelligence is worth jack and you know what else. Jack's out of town.

Still, I have a plan. Society will not bend to suit my unique characteristics, and I will be stone cold dead before I bend anymore than I have... So, the heck with bending. I'll just find my own little niche and make my way and be as ADD as I want to and have it be a blessing for a change. More accurately a blessing all the time...

How am I planning to do this? Well I only have a general idea there. It amounts to exploring my interests more and trying my wings a little more as it were. From there I check different fields, even if they do not sound terribly promising at first. When I find the best match possible I make all the preps and Voila! E-boy is fat dumb and happy! :-)

Sorry, I am just coming to terms with the fact that all the hateful crap I grew up with, was just that. So, I waffle from optimistic to thinking less than well of myself. Old habits die hard.
"I drank what?" ~Socrates as quoted by Val Kilmer in the movie "Real Genius"
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