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I don't like coffee however I do like Anthropology. So far I've only

studied physical but the class was so stimulating that I had a 98

percentage when I left there.

I'm no good with routines either but it's usually my home ones like

getting ready for work or making sure my kids are bathed and in

bed on time everynight. When the pressure is on at work the

routine is great because, if it's a good day in my head, I can

ingage auto-pilot. But as soon as my first break hits I get a wave

of anxiety knowing I'll be home soon and the it will be up to me

to shedule and organize myself. I should say this was before the

Adderall. I look forward to my free time now.

What type of Anthropology interests you?

I'm glad your having good results from this site, I think I am. I

guess I'm still trying to get used to communicating on a computer.
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