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Re: College and ADHD-How does everyone study?

Wanted to share a positive note - I am making this work and I'm almost done.

Just a little further and I'll get the degree I've wanted for so long.

I an in third year of a BA degree right now. It is all uphill but I have learned some things that keep me focused on the targets.
Biggest was investing the money into buying Kurzwell 3000 software to help me with my reading. I have a ton of reading to do and staying in the chair is like having my fingernails pulled out. With the reader I am forced to focus on the text. My eye is dragged across the screen as I hear the words being spoke by the software. I wish I had this thing on day one. It is not perfect, but a great improvement. I am getting through my reading assignments and I feel better prepared for class. The reading list for my program is very heavy.
Hope this was helpful.

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