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Denied admission to public school???

Hi there,
I just googled forums for parents of kids with ADHD and here i am.

I inquired at a local public charter school to possibly have my 9 year old son attend next school year. They are a Montessori/independent study school. You can choose which you would like to do. I want to do the independent study side. They also offer 2 days of classes. So I would home school 3 days and send him for 2 days.

I let them know he is kind of behind in his reading. He can read fairly well at a 2nd grade level, but is still very slow and needs a lot of help with it. Every other subject he is great in.
They told me he would not be accepted to their school unless he was at his grade level in all subjects... and that was that. I thought it sounded awful, but didn't really question them about it and left.
I told someone what happened and they told me what they did was illegal. That if they are a public school, they cannot turn a student away for being behind in one subject.

Does anyone know? I emailed the principal about it and am waiting for a response.
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