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Re: How to handle a controlling coworker

I understand and also feel it's a good move to make, but those very successful sales people aren't the ones currently supervising you.

I'd suggest meeting with her to discuss the benefits of it and why you think it's such a good idea, perhaps show her some kind of proven track record in how doing so has helped keep or possibly gain more customers, and see if you can work together on it instead of trying to go above and around her.

She's there and isn't going anywhere. She's got more power than you first anticipated, from what I read in another post, so that's been clearly established.

She can make your work life hell. Especially as long as you keep giving her the power to do so in your mind. The only thing you can truly control about any of this is how you respond to each thing that royally pi***s you off about her.

She may surprise you if you approach things differently. Maybe not. It's a crap shoot either way. However, if your mindset is already dead set on the "hate" mode before even trying, it'll be really hard to view her as a team player in any regard, no matter how many meetings you have with any of the bosses.

If you feel it's an issue that absolutely can't be resolved without having someone over her be a part of it, then invite them to the meeting, also, but I'd be leery of calling so many meetings so often as you'll eventually be viewed as a high maintenance employee requiring much time and effort.

I'd spend some more time trying to figure out why she was getting to me on such a deep level and see if I could untangle that. I wonder if it was a guy doing the same things, would you feel any differently about how to approach it, or would it feel the same, do you think?

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