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Re: How to handle a controlling coworker

I'd nicely ask if she could outline specific tasks or ways of doing the job she would prefer you to do it, and see if that makes a difference. Taking interest in her way of doing things may make her more familiar with you and she'll stay off you a bit. Somethings may be asinine and ridiculous, but if it gets her off you, it gets her off you.

Or you can do what I tell my psuedoboss, which is reel in the OCD and complain a little less. We like each other well enough, but she's neurotic about certain things and I'm like "slow down there-" and I'm the only one that says anything. Sometimes being direct works. Just don't say anything snappy if this is someone who could terminate you, or has heavy influence over the person that could terminate you.

Or approach it from both of these angles, and ask to chat and explain that you feel she's a bit overbearing and the pressure is affecting your job. You want to work together and find a good medium for completing your work in an acceptable fashion.

If being polite still doesn't work, document everything and give it to her boss. I wouldn't let it go, personally. If it's affecting your work and/or office morale, its a problem.

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