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Re: Barr generic adderall xr causing swelling?

Originally Posted by bmh2012 View Post
I Appreciate your response however, as a pharmacist I know that generics differ in their inactive ingredients. Those in Barr differ from Global. If its the actual drug you are correct, it's the same active ingredient thus it shouldn't make a difference. However many people may be allergic to the inactive ingredients. I used to not think that was possible but have had many patients switch back to brand for certain BP meds due to allergic reactions with the generic.
I have been to numerous doctors to discuss this matter and noone seems to know what is going on. I don't think it's out of the question to consider this a possibility.
It is very possible it is psychogenic in origin. The mind is extremely powerful... I've tricked myself in "getting" a variety of diseases over the years. True story.
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