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Makes me sleeeeeeepy......

I have been on Concerta 36mg for a while now and have noticed something strange. I wake up in the morning and take my meds. Sometimes after the meds kick in, I am so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open. I would liken it to taking a large dose of benedryl and the drowsiness that comes from that. The first few times this happened I tried to combat it by taking a 10mg IR Ritalin. This helped some, but I was still extremely sleepy. I have noticed that it doesn't matter how much sleep I get the night before. For example, last night I got plenty of sleep but today I am still so sleepy I can barely function. I haven't taken any additional meds except my nexium in the morning and I take ambien at night, which I know is out of my system when I get out of bed (I can tell when it isn't). Has anyone else had this experience with Concerta? Could it be that my dose is too low? I know at my next appointment my pdoc is going to up me to the 54mg. This doesn't happen very often but when it does it sucks. Should I take an additional (2) 10mg IR Ritalin to help this?
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