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Barr generic adderall xr causing swelling?

I was switched from the brand adderall xr to the generic (barr) xr in may. Not long afteri noticed swelling in my ankles (however I attributed it to being on vacation and horrible shoes). after the vacation it continued (some days better then others). In october it started to get worse -- arms and face swelling occasionally with continued leg swelling. I noticed that after eating a meal containing salt would increase the puffiness. I've had bloodwork done and everything is normal. I literally gain 3-4 in day/day depending on if I eat anything with salt. I know the generic contains saccharin sodium (brand does not). I am 23 years old and I do not have any other health conditions. I eat very healthy so I'm thinking maybe an adderall link. Has anyone experienced this?? Any input would be sooo appreciated.
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