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Re: A complete nightmare of a semester

Good news! They told me I can drop any classes I want. The fact that the first thing my counselor said to me was "soooo, are you thinking of dropping all your classes for this semester?" (non-negative tone) was a relief. I was HORRIFIED that I was going to remain with like 3 F's on my transcript lol.

That reduced my stress by about... 38485839% (though it's still quite high).

Honestly I think what I've noticed is that people who have known me for a while have already noticed that I've grown up, become more responsible, more intelligent, and that I've gotten significantly better looking. I've been receiving constant compliments on my looks, for instance.

So, even though people from my high school class have already graduated (well, the ones who graduated on time aka 4 years), I'm ok with taking another 2 1/2 years. I think people won't judge me too much. I haven't had the easiest life in the universe; I've had to deal with my dad dying in high school, I've had to deal with issues regarding my sexuality and having to come out, plus I've had to take care of my ADHD. So I think it's ok that I'm taking a long time. At the very least, I try to improve myself almost every day.
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