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Re: IEP or 504 Plan

The pushback will be that no one at the school is required to do anything above and beyond for your kid. If you want above and beyond he would be special education, you are asking for a 504, that isn't special education and there are ZERO ramification if a teacher doesn't follow it.

IEP is a federal document. A 504 is typically a hand written suggestion document, for how to handle this disabled person.

IEP is enforceable by law. A 504 is again, a suggestion document.

IEP means you get a case holder that is assigned to YOUR child. If any teacher doesn't conform to the IEP the case holder gets into it with them. If an accommodation isn't being followed, the case holder can remove the kid from the classroom, or stand there and MAKE the teacher conform. Meetings are held often to make sure all accommodations are fitting the students needs.

A 504 is held by the guidance counselor who has 600-1000 other kids he/she is dealing with, you may or may not even get a meeting once a year.

IEP is reviewed by the state and the IEP also applies to the state mandated testing. A 504 is a document within your kids school, and only there. I'm not sure if a 504 would even apply to the Iowa testing the sate does.

Ask the questions, what does a 504 cover vs an IEP? How are they different? With a medical diagnoses of ADHD your child will be eligible for an IEP under the catagory "otherwise health impaired". The IEP has teeth, the 504 was pathetic. I don't even think half the teachers got a copy of it. Waste of time in my opinion.
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