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Re: IEP or 504 Plan

Originally Posted by namazu View Post
For what it's worth, 504s can cover many kinds of academic accommodations, including accommodations for testing and standardized tests administered by the school. I had a 504 plan only (back in the day, before ADHD was explicitly considered a condition that could warrant an IEP) and received extended time on exams, including the required state testing. My 504 plan was signed off on by the school psychologist.

IEPs typically cover specialized services (speech therapy, remedial tutoring, etc.) and modifications to the educational program (like waivers to standard curriculum, or separate courses) beyond simple accommodations.

School plans (whether 504 plans or IEPs) generally do not cover college entrance exams administered by 3rd parties, which are independent of the school system. You generally have to apply for accommodations through ETS (for the PSAT/SAT) or the College Board (ACT), though they do typically consider documentation from the school in making their decisions about accommodations. (This may differ in places where the school itself gives the testing, and where it's mandatory for all students.)

It sounds to me like your son's needs could probably be met by a 504 plan, assuming they are good about implementing it. This (and even implementation of IEPs) can vary considerably by district, with some being very willing to work with you, and others being more adversarial. Hopefully yours is one of the more "enlightened" districts!
Thanks! Yes as time goes on and I do more digging in thinking a 504 plan is what he needs. I had a consultation with his neurologist yesterday and she wouldn't recommend the IEP for him considering his test scores, grades, etc. She thinks a 504 plan would work best for him - providing that the school district stays on top of it....warrior mom here will make sure of it. ;-)
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