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Re: Crises of confidence at work - miserable.

Originally Posted by julesjampot View Post
Although i cannot help you ,i have every sympathy for you as here in the UK people either do not understand or believe ADD exists.
Is there a line manager or someone like HR person there you can talk to about how this is making you feel,explain you didnt want to tell them but felt you needed to.
Hope it gets sorted for you soon,please keep us informed, it helps to let it all out .Cheers Jules
Thanks for your response, Jules.

Unfortunately, no. All I am trying to do at the moment is to get past the probation, and my type of work is rather self-contained. I wouldn't go higher up, as I believe it might poison my working relationships with these individuals, who are trying to help me, and whom I actually like.

They're just not doing it in a way that makes me feel better, rather than much worse. I'm already being very hard on myself, so too much criticism I find it difficult not to dwell on during the day. They're well-intentioned but don't seem to appreciate what I tell them about the disorder - I don't expect them to know much, but still.

Meds helped me immensely at uni, and for some perverse reason I find this job more difficult than uni! So I am hoping that upping my Concerta a notch or two will make it easier for me to juggle everything, as I was on the lowest dose before.

Hopefully, things will work out. I really appreciate your reply.
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