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Re: Crises of confidence at work - miserable.

Thank you anonymously and pechemigonne.

Pechemigonne, it's true about my limitations. I didn't realise my time management was as poor as it was for someone like me. Unfortunately, I have no real sense of time and couldn't compensate adequately in a short enough period of time. But I've worked to time-limited deadlines before and not had an issue, so this type of job was a rude awakening.

The day I resigned, the boss said they were disappointed, as they had put a 'support system' in place for me. I asked them to see this. They said "It doesn't matter now that you're leaving." I've had no input into whatever this consists of. I suspect it would have been a well-intentioned disaster, probably designed for the hyperactive/impulsive or combined subtypes, rather than PI. I'm just perplexed that I'm out of the loop on this one, as if I don't have the capacity to influence these decisions.

This has got to be the first and last time I will declare it to my employer. The whole experience has been deflating and it's going to take me a while to regain the self-esteem I had before. It's a tough job market, and I will probably have to take anything available...thanks so much all of you, for your help. x
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