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Re: Crises of confidence at work - miserable.

Hey, glad you have moved on sounds like you where working around unsupportive people, that were not collaborating with you. I hear your pain at others trying to "manage you" by critizing or giving you feedback on how they would have done it ect. I know with me it brings back lots of bad memories, and esp. if it someone I preceive as having authority over me ( probally a teacher flashback). I have used a organization coach that has a speacity in learning dis. that has helped me immensely in my job area. I do not tell people I work with I have ADD. I have lived under my personal assumptions that I was different, did not think like others, was not good enough, for so long, I donot want to reinforce this. I am self reflective, use a coach, meds, and have picked a job that major focus is muti tasking. It has been a huge success for me. I know you will get there to. There are gifts that you hold, and in this disease ( there is a book about that) learn what your strenghts are play to them, and learn have to leverage your weaknesses and you will be have great job satisfaction. The journey is in the learning.... thank god you are out of there..... cheers
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