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Re: Crises of confidence at work - miserable.

I know how you feel.

I graduated business school in 2009 and went straight into an accounting job. It was a small company, and I worked directly under the boss. I don't know if he just expected too much out of me, or if it was purely my ADD, but I only spent 9 months at that job. In the end, I made careless mistakes and didn't live up to his expectations, even though I was trying my very best. After him talking to me about my work slipping, I decided to quit on friendly terms, saying that maybe I wasn't the best fit for the job. We parted well, ... ALMOST. Until my replacement came in and completely bashed me. I then got a very nasty e-mail from my ex-boss that resounds in my head to this day, saying how incompetent I was, and how stupid I must be.

I recently tried my hand at another administrative position and quit after the second day, out of fear i'd do something wrong. Please don't let this happen to you. Don't let your next job (there will be one, I promise!) become some daunting thing looming over you. Good luck.
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