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Re: what exercises that will build muscles & confidence?

I'd wholeheatedly second Kuhan1923's recommendation.

My kids take boxing and Brazilian Jui Jitsu at a pro-level MMA school and I have to say that the training and cooresponding conditioning they now get are leagues ahead of what they got in Tae Kwon Do/ Traditional Martial Arts - not dinegrating TKD/TMA, mind you, but the level of intensity in boxing is so much more. The same goes for the intense conditioning of Muay Thai - and Thai fighters are not exactly large, but are unparalled in toughness.

Having massively big muscles isn't what its cracked up to be - I can tell you - if you are unable to deploy them when you need them.

Explosive power brought to bear quickly and efficiently counts for so much more and will do more for building confidence because you know that the confidence has a basis in reality - gained under the harsh conditions found in the ring and on the mats.

I've seen more than one 70kg lightweight tear a muscular body-builder type to shreds as the body builder will gass out after half a round and then its like watching a wolf take down an antelope. Cardio is apparently underrated in body-builder circles.
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