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Re: Haven't posted in years, maybe this will inspire someone.....

Originally Posted by mADD mike View Post
One of the biggest things I needed to take care of was tax debt. We racked up $50,000 in back taxes in our cleaning business. My wife and I work together every day, and have been self-employed now for 12 years. I had posted a long time ago about "scary finances" (I looked it up to see what I wrote 3 years ago), when the state taxes that we owed were forcibly taken from our bank account. We eventually paid them $4000 to catch up back taxes from the state.

My parents said we couldn't do it. My wife honestly wasn't sure that we could do it, especially not at the breakneck speed that I wanted it out of our life. Our friends thought we were crazy. Well, we did it.

.....We worked 6-7 days a week pretty much this whole 17 months.
Glad you decided to come back!!!

Paying off that debt (and keeping up with current taxes)must feel liberating! Especially in light of the fact that you were told you couldn't do it.

I can imagine your doc is highly impressed with all you've accomplished, too (I am assuming you told him/her, I know I WOULD HAVE!).

..... Well, I'm telling you that you CAN do things that neither you nor other people may think that you can do. You might not be able to do it right away, and you may have to beat your head against the wall time and time again like I did until years later you find the key that gets you through that wall. For me, it was working in the often all or nothing way that my brain works. Once I harnessed the "all" side of it and focused on one thing and one thing only, we were able to get out of our mess and get our life back from the IRS.
Can you explain what you mean by harnessing the "all" side of how your brain works?

Many career or business coaches tell you to do one thing and focus on it. Been there, tried that, it doesn't work for me. But when I allowed myself to work with the normal scattered focus and need for change that I have, I was blessed.
When you say "scattered focus" you mean just go from one project to another in typical ADHD fashion? I guess I'm having trouble visualizing this, since when I get scattered, I don't finish anything

I'm not scattered or have scattered focus when I take medication. Did you quit taking meds and/or find that you worked better without them?

I personally feel that self-employment is the route to go for many with ADD. We killed a huge debt and made a bunch of money with no college degree, just hustle and drive. That's it. We have some flexibility in our business for those ADD moments, and it is all good. I truly hope that others might take the plunge and get out there and make a better life for themselves by going out on their own, and hope to inspire you to do so if that is something that vibes with you. I do realize that it isn't for every personality, but I think it holds some potentially huge benefits for those with ADD that can handle it.
I can agree with you about being self employed. It does allow for the flexibility that some of us need. Do you find it hard to stay regimented, organized and on task? How do you deal with that? I mean, you've accomplished a lot, but were there times that you had difficulty in these areas? I'd like to learn more about what you did to cope and manage this.

I guess I'll stop writing now. I could write volumes. But if you get nothing else from this, please realize that although it might be harder at times for you, or it might just outright fail time and again, as long as you keep trying, things that you once thought you could never do can be done. Don't give up, don't be too hard on yourself, and realize that most successful people at whatever they do get there on a pile of temporary failures. They just keep trying. So when ADD gets you down, accept that but don't live in it, and realize that if you keep at it you may just find the winning combination for that one thing that has you so down. It only took me 10 years to figure it all out, but I did.
Congratulations on all of your accomplishments!!! It's always great to hear a success story
I really didn't say everything I said.

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