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Is This A Tic?

From time to time, if I get a chill or sometimes for no reason at all I shake my head uncontrollably a few times. I have no control over it whatsoever and sometimes I make this small sound that's not really too noticeable. It's not that frequent or anything, but there have been times where it would happen once or twice during the day or so. Sometimes, my shoulders will kind of shake slightly as well. I also have a bit of OCD like thought patterns at times, though since I started taking adderall this has improved somewhat. But the head shake thing has happened since I was a kid and my meds have made it no better and no worse. Just the same.

People usually don't notice it, but occasionally people have noticed and asked me what happened. I'd just say that I'm not really sure that it just happens on occasion and nothing more was really said about it, but since it is infrequent people generally don't notice it at all.
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