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How would you describe your racing thoughts at night?

I know this is a big issue for many of us. Sometimes our own brains are just so noisy and active that it keeps us awake. It’s been a challenging for me lately because it seems that no matter how tired I am, my brain is jumping from one thought to another and another and another, etc. It’s like a drunk toddler mashing buttons on a TV remote without abandon and you’re forced to sit through an endless barrage of audiovisual ********. It can get so bad that it feels like there really is a drunk toddler in charge of my thoughts as I can hear my inner monologue speak in made up languages, strings of music that don’t seem to follow any satisfying pattern, vivid imagery that flashes obnoxiously in my mind’s eye, memories being mashed together, etc.

I find it so difficult to explain how I experience my mind racing. People often assume that these racing thoughts are accompanied by worries, and they can be, but they’re easier to manage because I have tools to cope with that. I don’t yet have any tools to cope with the drunken brain toddler aside from drowning out the noise with watching YouTube videos or pacing around until I pass out. Regrettably, I also sometimes resort to drinking. I know it’s bad and it’s only done in desperation but that’s how frustrating it is to have a drunken toddler for a prefrontal cortex.

How would you guys describe these racing’s thoughts? And do they only happen to you at night or throughout the day? My brain seems to be permanently stuck in the terrible two’s. Also, what helps you manage racing thoughts at night? Or just in general. Has your medication made it better or worse? I’d love to hear your thoughts ��
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