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Re: Attention: what is it? What are the subject and object of it?

The distractibility in ADD is not consistent.

Many parents and teachers are mislead:

To some activities a child may be able to devote, if anything, compulsive, hyperconcentrated attention.

But hyperfocusing that excludes awareness of the environment also denotes poor attention regulation.

Also, hyperfocusing often involves what may be described as passive attention, as in watching television or playing video games.

Passive attention permits the mind to cruise on automatic without requiring the brain to expend effortful energy.

Active attention, the mind fully engaged and the brain performing work, is mustered only in special circumstances of high motivation.

Active attention is a capacity the ADD brain lacks whenever organized work must be done, or when attention needs to be directed toward something of low interest.
Gabor Mate M.D., "Scattered", p 14
Interesting questions.

I am reviewing some of my personal favourite sources for information for discussion.


"Passive attention", "active attention", and "motivation".

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