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Re: Choosing the Right Treatment-Amphetamine Salts ER?

Originally Posted by NJgabby View Post
Plus, this doctor seemed very casual to prescribe and didn't even do a full evaluation, didn't even ask my child a single question. Not a good experience but the doctor is supposed to be "one of the best"? Just not feeling comfortable just yet..
I had a similar experience. My first doc spent 2 to 3 minutes before handing me a perscription for 70mg adderal instant release. It was like a ton of bricks. The diagnosis was 'doc, I think I might have do you diagnose this?' 'Here is your perscription'
My second doc had some hurdles and spent about an hour total between questionnaires and other things before giving meds. Then it was as little as possible, slowly increasing in dose, wuth regular checks in the form of 'are you sure?'. With a hard 30mg ceiling so it would be less likely to be habit forming.
Even if he was off base the caution was reassuring.

I ended up doing Neurofeedback and I am off my meds completely. I would reccomend that wholeheartedly. Meds are a more ham-fisted approach. My neurofeedback doc says 'this here in your brain map shows you have issues finding the right words for things, the next 5 sessions will deal with that.'
They can also identify patients that do not respond well to standard stimulant treatments and help them get the right meds to give them functionality until the treatments get them off meds altogeher.
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