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Re: Choosing the Right Treatment-Amphetamine Salts ER?

Originally Posted by Lunacie View Post
That was the main symptom that I saw improve when I began taking Omega 3

Neurofeedback may be helpful as well, but it doesn't have the research that
backs up the results the way stimulant meds do.
See now that is why I try not to be too dogmatic, you had the exact experience I was assuming was not possible . Glad it worked for you.

Looking for the right word was just an example, The point being nobody is going to credibly say 'trouble finding the right word in a conversation, exactly 6 doses of 300mg omega 3 will fix that right up.' On the other hand, where I was going for Neurofeedback therapy, there was a clear indication from A test that is replicable that this was an issue. I did not bring it up, I got told it was an issue at my consultation - and they were spot on.
Then they had a course of treatments set aside for just that, and it worked awesomely.

Yes meds can work, and they do for a lot of people, ,and they are indispensable for many, however... the approach is more 'try omega 3 and see if it works', 'stim meds work for most, but some do not respond well and we do not know why', 'many see improvemnts with most symptoms usually, but you may want to try something else as well' There is little that is hard fast clear quick definite with meds, in that sense it seems ham fisted. At least in my limited experience. You may have seen it work differently.

As for research, that is changing. You may want to look at a series of posts over here:

Originally Posted by Numbawunfela View Post
That is a study demonstrating structural changes as a result of Neurofeedback, but is not ADD is a LONG article you can download to help provide research on NFB efficacy. In the posts from this thread I make several quotes, in case fishing through 450 pages of research papers is not your thing....

Originally Posted by Numbawunfela View Post
From Introduction to Quantitative EEG and Nerofeedback

Note that the web site for the National Resource Center on AD / HD, a program of CHADD, has an information sheet that critiques NFB as an alternative treatment for AD / HD. It notes that the CHADD Professional Advisory Board (PAB) rates NFB at Level 2 Effi cacy ( “possibly effi cacious ”) on the APA scale, and also just at the second level “Option” according to the AACAP guidelines. It mentions that some researchers rate the efficacy higher. And there is the comment that, even if efficacy were established, NFB is costly and cumbersome. The article reviews eight controlled studies concerning NFB, and finds them all flawed in one way or another.....Clearly CHADD is going to hold NFB to a very high standard, but at least it is being mentioned.
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