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Re: Choosing the Right Treatment-Amphetamine Salts ER?

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
I am trying to understand what you mean by "clear quick definite" can you explain more?
Originally Posted by Numbawunfela View Post
Yes meds can work, and they do for a lot of people, ,and they are indispensable for many, however... the approach is more 'try omega 3 and see if it works', 'stim meds work for most, but some do not respond well and we do not know why', 'many see improvemnts with most symptoms usually, but you may want to try something else as well'

Originally Posted by Numbawunfela View Post
On the other hand, where I was going for Neurofeedback therapy, there was a clear indication from A test that is replicable that this was an issue. I did not bring it up, I got told it was an issue at my consultation - and they were spot on.
Then they had a course of treatments set aside for just that, and it worked awesomely.
The approaches described seem VERY different. The second seems much more "clear quick definite". Would you not agree?

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
I am not trying to pick on your so please do not think that. I looked up the company that published this study or article and its basically an academic publishing company that you pay to have something published.
Helpful! I saw it as a textbook publishing company. Honestly it reads like that more than a research paper. In the quotes from the other thread, it points to a lot of others work, inviting more inquiry. I may bother the place I go for a few more articles. I view 'pay to publish' with suspicion, not rejection. Especially when the format is not a peer reviewed study, but a textbook that typically gets published that way. AND when the paid thing, references a lot of peer reviewed stuff. Then it makes it easier to find, like a phone book does.
I appreciate the civility! I know I am advocating for a view that is not mainstream, if it is a valid view, criticle examination only makes it more solid.

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