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Comparing hyperkinetic disorder and ADHD.

Though the American Psychiatric Association's criteria for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and the World Health Organization's criteria for hyperkinetic disorder each list a very similar set of 18 symptoms, the differing rules governing diagnosis mean that hyperkinetic disorder features greater impairment and more impulse-control difficulties than typical ADHD, and it most resembles a severe case of ADHD combined type.[1]

Unlike ADHD, a diagnosis of hyperkinetic disorder requires that the clinician directly observes the symptoms (rather than relying only on parent and teacher reports); that onset must be by age 6 not 7;[4] and that at least six inattention, three hyperactivity and one impulsivity symptom be present in two or more settings. While ADHD may exist comorbid with (in the presence of) mania or a depressive or anxiety disorder, the presence of one of these rules out a diagnosis of hyperkinetic disorder.[1] Most cases of hyperkinetic disorder appear to meet the broader criteria of ADHD.

This thread discussion is meant to compare hyperkinetic disorder and ADHD.

According to the wiki quote above, there is a greater impairment in hyperkinetic disorder than ADHD?

Does that mean that mild hyperkinetic disorder, is similar to moderate ADHD?

And moderate hyperkinetic disorder is similar to severe ADHD?

And severe hyperkinetic disorder is similar to extra severe ADHD?

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